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    Looking for a table or oil? Search through the thirty categories of information in our products and supplies directory. Here you'll find products ranging from tables, chairs, oils, and linens, to aromatherapy and even massage exam resources…the list goes on and on.

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Massage Supplies

We have a directory of products with hundreds of listings. Here's a sample:

Massage Techniques

Did you know that there are dozens of different massage techniques? Here's just five to get you started:

Massage Articles:

  • Baby Massage: A Cure for Colic
    Colic hurts. Any parent who has an affected child will know that there is almost no pain like it: the physical and vocal response to the problem can be highly tiring and it's very difficult to stand by and cope as a parent. It's often tough to ask - what the hell is going on inside my baby?! When the problem arises, as it's so common and many health visitors expect parents to be aware of the nature of the affliction and how to deal with it. Read more...

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    Massage therapy eases the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome and increases grip strength, according to a recent study. "Carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms are lessened following massage therapy" was conducted by staff at the Touch Research Institutes at the University of Miami School of Medicine in Miami, Florida. Read more...

  • Marketing Your Massage Practice: 3 Tips by Colleen Holloway
    The new Massage Marketing Strategies eBook has just been released and we wanted to give you just a tiny sampling of it, so we're giving you 3 of our 99 business tips to use right away. Here they are: Read more ...

  • Medical Massage
    What is MEDICAL MASSAGE? Medical Massage is sometimes defined as medically necessary massage, which is usually prescribed by a physician. Medical massage is generally practiced in relation to a specific goal focused on improving health of patients. Read more ...

  • Manipulate the Body and Mind with a Portable Massage Table
    A portable massage table can be very essential tool. Massage therapy is a hands-on manipulation of the soft tissue and joints of the body and using a portable massage table can make giving and receiving a massage that much easier. Read more ...

  • Top 5 Things to Ask about a School
    In the course of examining all of the differences when it comes to massage schools, I have generated five useful questions to ask yourself when comparing the multitude of schools out there. Like any career change, certain details have got to be considered before you change your life. Read more ...

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